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What do I get when I list my item with you?


The triple Es: Experience, Expertise, and Exposure!  This isn't just another advertising website - American-ag & Heavy Equipment is a multi-faceted, comprehensive program.  Bringing together a team of experts in marketing, advertising, farm and heavy equipment, technology, and customer relations, our people know what works and what doesn't.  Hand selecting the most effective sources available, we get results! 


How does it work?


The Core Program


Phase 1.  Buyer/Seller Matching.


Maintaining extensive records of hundreds of potential buyers, we know what they're looking for.  Each new listing is matched to any such requests, and a profile of the equipment is then forwarded to them. 


Phase 2.  Internet Marketing.


We see it everyday!  Web marketing works when done correctly!  One website or one hundred  it makes no difference.  The number of sites used is not important.  What is important is knowing which ones work and we've done that!  Starting with our own website, we'll develop an internet campaign for you that will change the way you think about internet marketing.


Designed by professionals who have developed sites for names such as Suze Oremann, The City of Hastings, and Omaha Steaks, your internet campaign begins at  Attractive, data base driven, user friendly, and guaranteed to be free of blinking ads and annoying pop-ups, your listing will be available for viewing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week until it is sold.


Behind the scenes are powerful tools that are working for you. 


            Unique Web Address  Every listing is equipped with a unique, easy to remember, and stand alone internet address which takes viewers directly to your listing.  It's like having your very own dedicated site, by-passing our site and the normal search, and focusing viewers on only your item.  Our tracking software can then tell us exactly how many interested buyers have viewed only your item. This web stats, this is equates to phone calls from print sources.  No, you will not hear numbers in the thousands as these are not 'hits'.  They are views, and they are more accurate than a hit.  These are parties who were interested enough in your machinery to go that extra step and click or type in the link.  The stats reflect one viewer for each view, and repeat viewers are not counted.  Obviously, not every viewer will contact you or make an offer, just like every caller won't follow up by coming out to see your item, but it's a much more accurate way to track results and to be able to compare those results to similar items. These stats are available to you.  Just give us a call.


            Private e-mail address  Every client receives a private, internal e-mail address keeping your inbox junk free and protecting your personal information.  Except for our own site, your e-mail address is never advertised anywhere, and if you'd prefer to substitute on our own site, just let us know.  Acting as your own personal assistant, our staff scans each incoming mail received on your behalf, deletes the junk, sends a reply to the inquirer inviting them to give you a call, and forwards a notification to you along with the person's name, e-mail address, and phone number, if they've provided one.  For this reason, it is vital that we have your e-mail address on file and that you allow incoming e-mails from us.  We, however, will never give out your e-mail address without your prior consent. 




With thousands of choices available, choosing the right sites is crucial to get the right results.   Sure, you can find websites that will get you thousands of hits and replies, but scam artists aren't what most sellers are really looking for.  We have hundreds of hours invested in seeking out the best of the best, and the sites we've selected don't just get "hits“ they get results.  By placing your item on the approximately 15 sites we've included in our core program, you can rest assured that your ad will be viewed by as many potential buyers as possible.


With tried and proven results, we could stop right here but we don't. 


Phase 3.  Supplemental Advertising


Besides the world wide web, American-ag & Heavy equipment uses a variety of additional medias which may include print publications, direct mail, radio, TV, and outdoor advertising to market your equipment and drive viewers to our site.  


Phase 4.  Review, Renew and Rotate


Each listing is reviewed frequently to determine the amount and types of activity levels being generated.  Expired ads are renewed or replaced, depending on the each site's policies.  Additional ads may be placed if new sites have been added to our program.


Phase 5.  Repeat


Repeat Phases 3 & 4 until the item is sold.


THE GUARANTEE:   Short of offering to purchase your machinery from you, at a substantially discounted price, no one can guarantee you that your item will sell or when.  What we do guarantee is that when you list your machinery with American-ag & Heavy Equipment, we will continue to market your equipment until it does sell.  And, we also guarantee that no one will work harder for you!


Who can list an item for sale on


Anyone wanting to buy or sell ag related items.  We serve both private parties and dealers of ag-related and heavy equipment.


How do I list my item?


Give us a call at 1-877-976-4009 or send us an e-mail at my ad is live?


Most ads will be live within a few hours.  However, due to unforeseen problems that can arise, please allow 48 hours.



How much is a listing on your site?


The standard, private party rate, which includes all of the services above is $99.99.  However, we do run promotions from time to time, and we offer special rates for repeat clients and those with multiple pieces of eqiuipment, so please give us a call at 1-877-976-4009 or e-mail us at to check on current specials.


How do I pay for my listing?


For your convenience, we accept payments via Discover, American Express, Electronic Check, MasterCard, or Visa.  We do not accept payments on-line at this time.  When our representative contacts you to verify your order, we will secure payment at that time. 


You may also mail your ad, along with photos to:


American Ag and Heavy Equipment

P.O. Box 169

Bennington, Ne  68007








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